BDP-Fan running capacitor


1.High stability



4.Coating:plastics Aluminum case wax sealed

5.Capacitor Type, Terminal style and Provision of Mounting Bracket

6.Safety Mesure:Flame – Proof

7.Applicable Standard(UL, VDE, etc.)

8.Capacitance:1.0μF ~ 10μF

9.Capacitance Tolerance:J(±5%), U( -5, +10 %), K(±10%)

10.Voltage range:250V.AC ~ 450V.AC

11.Operating temperature:-25 ~ 70℃

12.Operating frequency:50, 60Hz

13.Test voltage:R.V. ×√2×175% for 1 minuite(VDC)

14. Between leading-out end and shell: 2200VAC,10S on breakdown

15.Dissipation factor:0.1% max at 50 or 60Hz 25℃