DMP-DC-Link(Photovoltaic wind power DC filter capacitor)

  Used in DC-Link circuits, Can replace electrolytic capacitor.
  Low ESR , high ripple current handling capabilities.
  Low inductance.
  Self-healing property.
  Long lifetime.
  Aluminum case, resin Filled.
Main Application Used in wind power, solar power or other industrial frequency converter.
  Used in DC support filter circuit.
Dielectric Polypropylene film
Case & Coating Solvent resistant aluminum case with resin sealing. Flame retardant execution(UL94V-0)
Leads Copper galvanized nuts
Installation Whatever position assuring correct heat dissipation. Arrangement of many componenets with box walls in contact not admitted; suggeste minimum distance between side by side elements ≧ 1/8 of the box thickness. Box with lugs terminals must be free to correctly dissipate from all the body faces.
Reference standard IEC61071-1, ROHS compliant