PMX-D Type Snubber Applications

Product description
Buffer film capacitors for IGBTs, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, radial buffer type, buffers.

  • Reference standards: BG/T 17702.1 idt IEC 61071-1, GB/T 2693 idt IEC 60384-1.
  • Double-sided metalized pole plate, polypropylene dielectric non-inductive winding.
  • It is perpendicular and direct to the IGBT module, reducing the circuit inductance to the greatest extent.
  • Low ESR and high dv/dt.
  • Can withstand extremely high current peak-to-peak value and high frequency effective value of current Irms.
  • A series of products satisfying various IGBTs can be provided.
  • Application: Used for buffer protection applications of various IGBTs.
  • Structure: Adopt double-sided metallized film electrode to increase dv/dt.