DMX type inverter welding machine DC filter capacitor

  • Used in high-power high-frequency switching power supply of high-frequency pulse current absorption, filter.
  • Low ESR , high ripple current and Large current shock handling capabilities.
  • Low Ls, good high frequency characteristics.
  • Self-healing property.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Plastic case, Filled with resin.

Main Application
  • Used in high frequency switching power supply filter, absorption, blocking, resonant circuit.
  • Widely applied to EMI, Such as high frequency welding inverter, UPS, electric vehicles, etc.

Polypropylene film

Case & Coating
Solvent resistant aluminum case with resin sealing. Flame retardant execution(UL94V-0)

Copper galvanized nuts

Whatever position assuring correct heat dissipation. Arrangement of many components with box walls in contact not admitted; suggested minimum distance between side by side elements ≧ 1/8 of the box thickness. Box with lugs terminals must be free to correctly dissipate from all the body faces.

Reference standard
IEC61071-1, ROHS compliant