HPT Series - (Feedthrough capacitor)

The internal structure of the HPT capacitor is made of polypropylene film, with a round copper shell and a set of through-hole screws. Very high dielectric strength up to 105°C operating conditions.

High-frequency filter capacitors have the characteristics of small capacitance loss under the action of an electric field, and have self-healing characteristics, that is, they have insulation and self-recovery during breakdown.

Therefore, it achieves the function of small size and light weight. The main function is to amplify high-frequency harmonics to generate overvoltage, overcurrent, and filter out clutter.

Be applicable
Mainly used for signal, data line, DC power line filtering; the micro extrusion installation or screw installation is applied when it is not suitable for welding Ideal for microwave and other high frequency applications.

  • Low ESR
  • Low ESL
  • Self-healing technology
  • High ripple current
  • Copper galvanized round housing

Adapt to conditions
  • 40/105/56
  • EN60384-14
  • IEC 60384-14