MXY Series (X2 and Y2 Class)

Capacitor network has one X2 and two Y2 capacitors in a compact package.

  • Excellent common and normal mode capability in a wide capacitance selection.
  • Y2 capacitors grounded to external mounting tab or common lead.
  • Installed cost saving with single packing design.
  • Leads Type: Terminals & UL 1015 or UL1007 standard PVC insulation wire.
  • SAFETY APPROVALS: VDE DIN EN 60384-14 (VDE 0565); EN 60384-14;IEC 60384-14
  • Environmental certification: ROHS & REACH
  • Radio-frequency interference currents are by-pass.
  • Antenna coupling, Across-the-line, spark killers.
  • EMI and FMI filter, Switching power supply.

Specification and dimension
  • COATING: Encapsulated in reinforced flame retardant plastic case sealed with epoxy resin meeting the requirement of UL 94V-0
  • LEADS: Encase in plastic case / PVC Insuiation Wire or Copper leads.
  • CLIMATIC CATALOGUE: -40℃~+100℃
  • CAPACITANCE RANGE: 0.047uF-0.47uF(X2);0.001uF-0.0047uF(Y2)
  • RATED VOLTAGE(UR): 300VAC (50/60Hz)
    >30000MΩ (C≦0.33uF)
    >10000MΩ/ μF(C>0.33uF) AT 25℃
  • DISSIPATION FACTOR: <0.3﹪at 25℃ for 1Khz
  • VOLTAGE PROOF: R.V.×430%VDC (2Sec at 25℃)
  • ENDURANCE: The test voltage 344VAC shall be applied for 1000 hours in the 85℃ and RH≦50% chamber.
  • During this period, 880VAC 60Hz for 0.1sec be applied once each hour.
  • △C/C≦10%
  • △DF≦0.12%(C<1.0mF)
  • △DF≦0.15%(C≧1.0mF)IR≧50% of the specified value. 25℃ 1KHz