About Us

Aid Electronics Corporation is an expert manufacturer of Film Capacitor which provides DC capacitors and AC capacitors. So far, our products have obtained UL, VDE, ENEC, CE, CQC, KC, safety approval and company certification by ISO-9001:2008 quality assured firm.
We use efficient automatic equipment which ensures maximum consistency in your OEM orders to produce each capacitor. With 39 years of industrial experience, we provide efficient language-specific service through agent offices in Usa, Korea, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand and in Mexico.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question, we always supply competitive price and good quality products.

Corporate Philosophy
  • Integrity
    • "AID“ adheres to the corporate philosophy of managing by heart and has written brilliant achievements in the course of recent years

  • Expand
    • The manufacture of high-performance, high-precision, high-quality capacitors excels in the industry, and has a competitive advantage in the international market.

  • R & D
    • The AID brand adopts domestic and U.S. patented heat dissipation structure through 150℃ high-temperature capacitor through-hole domestic and U.S. patents.

    • AID brand through the module of the capacitor Patent for domestic and mainland China's chemical and heat dissipation structure.

  • Innovation
    • Internal manufacturing process & warehouse integration network Cloud operations, pay attention to energy saving, carbon saving and environmental protection

Brief History
1983 Company established in Feng Yung, Taichung. Taiwan.
Capital: USD $240,000.00
Production of metallized film capacitor.
1984 Capital increased to USD 309,000.00
1989 Removed the factory to a new building located in Shen Kung, Taichung, Taiwan.
Capital increased to USD 600,000.00
1990 Started mass production of motor stat capacitor.
Established a branch office of our business in Chicago, U.S.A
1992 Products were recognized by underwriter's laboratories Inc. (UL)
1993 Products were recognized by Canadian standers association.. (CSA)
1994 Capital increased to USD 2,200,000.00
1995 Plant expansion & floor space increased to 19.570 SQ. FT.
1996 X2 capacitors were recognized by UL, VDE, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, FIMKO, SEV.
1997 X2 capacitors were recognized by CSA.
Certificated by ISO-9002
1998 X2 capacitors were recognized by IMQ
1999 To obtain 1999 golden peak award of outstanding corporation leaders in Taiwan.
Plant expansion & floor space increased to 22,400 SQ.F.T
2000 To obtain 2000 new century golden vessel of best enterprises in Taiwan.
2001 Certified by ISO-6001 (2000) SGS
2002 Certified by ISO-9001 (2000) UL
2002 Get a concession for use in mos-fet high frequency welder's machines.
2003 Get a concession for use in improves factor of speed connector.
2004 Communion with phoenixes (ups manufacturer) and mobile tron to lead in ROHS.
2006 Communion with Suitai Electronic & Electric Co., Ltd lead in SYM (Taiwan area and Vietnam) C.D.I professional capacitor.
2007 Communion with Kaimei Electronic Corp., instead of japan electronic ballasts light up capacitor for start.
2007 MXY (CX2+CY2) noise suppression capacitor was recognized by VDE safety certification.
2008 MEX (X2) AC capacitor already gets and pass certificate for new edition and also gets the same voltage with x1 capacitor. It is endurable and the temperature can reach to 100 degrees.
2008 Development of led lighting appropriative capacitor with Chi Mei Lighting Technology CORP (CMLT) and also lead-in & produce lighting market.
2009 Cooperation with Delta Electronic Inc. To develop high pressure run through capacitor reserved for the use of lighting stroke equipment in telecommunications control room.
2010 Cooperation with Delta (Thailand) Electronic Inc. To develop MXY suppression capacitors and HPT high pressure run through capacitor.
2010 ISO certification upgrade from ISO 9001:2000 TO ISO 9001:2008.
2010 We apply for MEX(X2) type VDE certification to VDE ENEC certification.
2011 We apply for MEX(X2) type CSA&UL certification to CSA&UL ENEC certification.
2011 We apply for MEX(X2) type CUL&UL certification, for 300VAC and -40°C ~+100°C temperature upgrade.
2012 We purchased one winding machine and one high-voltage charger for large capacitors and develop large capacitor used in battery with industrial technology institute of Taiwan.
2013 Obtain a certification for registered trademark of the U.S. AID.


AIDC jointly developed with military capactior explosion and expend aid second plant in feng zhou rdseng kung dist., taichung city.

Developed DC-Link customized&modular high-voltage, high-frequency dedicated double-layer metal fim

2016 Formally cooperated with Dayin Microsystems (Shangyin Business Group) of Shanghai Banking Corporation's automation equipment and high protection frequency I.G.B.T dedicated capacitors for the photoelectric industry.
2017 Passed the national-level Hanxiang aviation military capacitor certification.
2017 Through the National Hanxiang Aerospace Force
Gauge capacitor certification.
2018 ※The AD brand adopts the domestic and Chinese patents through the modularization of the capacitor and the heat dissipation structure.
※Safety Regulation ADP Safety Regulation Capacitance Passed UL810 explosion-proof CUL certification.
2020 ※Development of special high-voltage & high-frequency capacitors for mask machines (high-frequency welding)
※ Purchase an additional safety automatic welding & injection molding machine equipment (Improve production capacity and yield)
2021~2022 Developed induction heating furnace module capacitors(High Frequency & High Pressure & Excellent Cooling System)
Electric Bus Module Cooling Capacitor
Metallized film filter capacitors for new energy vehicles
Ultra-high voltage capacitors for high-end medical equipment