SHT Type (Oval Axial Type, 2&4 Leads)

  • Super-High-Voltage power supply of high-top medical treatment equipment.
  • High voltage converter.
  • Rated voltage Vdc: 100 V,250 V,400 V,630 V
  • High voltage coupling and carrier wave communication signal coupling in high voltage transmission line.
  • Protection facilities of large-scale machine and safety measurement apparatus.
Description of Products
  • Reference standard: GB/T2693 idt IEC 60384-1.
  • Metallized polypropylene/polyester film wound, non-inductive construction.
  • The polyester tape or specific tape wrap and epoxy resin end filled.
  • Excellent self-hearing property and temperature stability.
  • Dry construction assuring safety use.
  • Terminals including tinned copper wire, copper solder tags, copper screw, copper nut and others are available on request.
Technology Features
  • To adopt special tape to prevent insulation materials filled in high voltage devices from appearing crack, to avoid producing creepage appearance along with the crack.
  • Design of product can assure that there are not ion current inside capacitor under AC and high voltage pulse application.
  • More miniature size product available on request.