DPT Series

product description
Metallized film resonant capacitor

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Mainly used for signal, data line, DC power line filtering; the micro extrusion installation or screw installation is applied when it is not suitable for welding Ideal for microwave and other high frequency applications.

  • Reference standard:GB/T 2693 idt IEC 60384-1
  • Metalized polypropylene film winding, non-inductive dry structure.
  • Low ESR and excellent dv/dt characteristics.
  • Withstand very high current Irms and voltage Urms.
  • A variety of terminals and sealing methods are available.
  • The product design ensures that there is no ion current inside the capacitor.
  • Reasonable structural design can minimize the ESR and ESL of the capacitor.

  • The resonance circuit of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment.
  • Resonant circuit of industrial control equipment, including welding machine, plasma cutting machine, frequency conversion speed regulating device.
  • Resonant circuits of various electronic equipment and instruments.

  • Dielectric: Polypropylene film
  • Construction: Dry construction, filled by solid resin
  • Non-inductive type
  • Case: Dry construction
  • Leads: Tinneaded insert M6 or M8 fillde with resin

  • Working teGperature: - 40 to + 85 ℃
  • Capacitance: 0.04 to 6μF
  • Rated Voltage: 1200~5000Vdc
  • Tolerance: ± 5%, ± 10%
  • Dissipation factor: Geasured at 1000±20 Hz AND 25±5℃
  • When Cr≤1.0μF, 4×10-4
  • When Cr>1.0μF, 6×10-4
  • Life expectancy: 10,000 hours at Un and 70℃(Hotspot temperature)

  • Dielectric strength: 1.5Ur (DC) applied for 10s at 25±5℃ (1 Ginute for type test)
  • Test voltage terminal to case: 3000Vac (10s 50Hz 20± 5℃)
  • Insulation resistance: 5000s but need not exceed 30GΩ
  • (typical value),after 1 Ginute of electrification at 100Vdc (25±5℃)